There are countless guides out there on how to tweak everything about yourself to become more attractive with women. Dressing better, being funnier, keeping fit – all that is important. But there’s one method that completely obliterates all others. Here’s how to seduce women (the smart way).

Do you know the shortcut to attracting women?

It’s simple: be a celebrity.

We live in a winner take all society.

Can you imagine somebody famous going from bar to bar trying to pick up women? It just doesn’t happen. Instead, we assume a celebrity spends more of his time choosing who he wants to go home with.

It is no secret that women are attracted to power, be it physical, financial or social. And a celebrity is walking social proof – someone with a truly unfair advantage.

Hold on,” you say. “There’s no chance of me becoming a celebrity. I’m not a star athlete, actor or singer. I’m not remotely famous, and who’s to say I even want to be? I don’t want all that attention.”

Fair enough. Too much of anything can quickly become a drag.

The point is not to appear in tabloids or gossip magazines. Or to do anything, no matter how stupid or scandalous, just to get some attention and notoriety.

The idea is to become a celebrity by just being you.

How to seduce women: The trick is to put the odds in your favor

Make sure the odds are always in your favor

Consider this: what if you became the best person you could be? What if you took the time to identify the things that you are especially good or talented at, and focused all your efforts on doing those things and improving? What if you said “no” to distracting activities that you don’t enjoy, choosing instead to be better than you were yesterday?

Some things may start happening as a result:

  • You will become more confident as you build skills and knowledge
  • By being at the edge of a field, you will see opportunities others don’t
  • As an expert on something, you will be invited to teach/mentor others

Bit by bit, you will become a celebrity of something. And you will get there purely by doing the things you already like to do.

It can be anything at all. You could become a screenwriter, aggressive skateboarder, Spanish teacher, oil painter, portrait photographer, freelance designer, mental health counselor, volunteer firefighter. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as you are honest to yourself: make sure it’s something that you genuinely like to do so that you can pursue it for a while.

How common are people who do this?

  • It’s rare for someone to take the time to identify what really drives them.
  • It’s even rarer for that person to then make a conscious choice to do what they are talented at.
  • It’s almost unheard of for someone to pursue this passion for years, ignoring critics and naysayers.

If you go through with this, you will become a celebrity at something. And the best part is you will not even care, because your passion will be all you need to keep going.

How to seduce women: focus on being the best you can be

Build disciple, and focus on being the best you can be

You will learn to accept the attention, but you won’t let it define you. You will bask in some glory, but you will remember that you have to fight the battle every day. To be the best you can be, with each day more glorious than the last.

By focusing only on your personal mission, you will always be in the environment where you have the upper hand. You will be the attraction.

You will be naturally confident, proud of your achievements and content with the purpose you have chosen. You will have no reason to act like anyone but yourself, because you are not only good enough but the best you can be.

Women will love you for it. They will sense it and respect it.

You won’t be just like any other guy who tries to hit on them in bars or nightclubs out of desperation. You will be someone with a goal, a destination in mind. Someone of a rare breed, a one in a million guy. Someone going on an adventure – a journey that they will want to be part of.

All you will then need to do is ask them to come with you.