Living with less belongings is liberating.

Discounting items specific to personal conditions and living situations, here are the basics to live comfortably (geared toward men, as that is what I know best):

Hygiene and grooming:
toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, nail clippers, shampoo, soap, moisturizer, razor, shaving foam, hair wax/gel, sunscreen, face towel, bath towel, condoms

Stationery and documents:
passport, diploma, notebook, pen, key chain

underwear (5 pairs), socks (5 pairs), undershirts (2), t-shirts (2), dress shirts (2), jeans, suit, casual trousers, sweater, rain jacket, swimming trunks, gym shorts

Shoes and accessories: 
sneakers, dress shoes, boots, belt, watch, sunglasses

Electronics and gadgets:
laptop, smartphone, earphones, e-reader

hobby items (e.g. camera, guitar, yoga mat), seasonal clothing, personal necessities (e.g. medicine, glasses), sentimental items (e.g. wedding ring, high school yearbook).

Most of this fits comfortably into one large suitcase.

Do you really need to own more than this? Perhaps – everyone’s situation is different.

But it can be done.

Once you start eliminating the unused and the unnecessary, you will start to see just how little you actually need. Learn to live with less, and you will find yourself desiring less.

Learn to want what you already have.

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